Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 33: A Few More Signs of Progess

Day: 33
Schedule: On
Prognosis for Survival: Just Keep It in Perspective

As the title says, there are a few more signs of progress. The crown molding is up above the cabinets. The kitchen radio has been mounted, and some of the hardware for the fizzy water faucet has been placed into the sink cabinet. (It's really tight in there ... there's just the chiller and the CO2 tank in there now, but they still have to have space for the filter and disposal, as well as the regular plumbing stuff.) The cookie sheet cabinet is in. Molding around the exterior of the door and window are in. The door to the basement (a salvage piece) is hung.

Looking Across the Kitchen

The Radio The Chiller for the Grohe Blue

The "New" Basement Door Inside the Pantry Jumping Outside: The French Doors

The Kitchen Window (From the Outside)

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