Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 20: Finally Approved

Day: 20
Schedule: Accelerating
Prognosis for Survial: Más o Menos

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Actually, until the inspector returned this morning, there were two disapproval stickers up. As I mentioned earlier, it wasn't a surprise that we failed the first inspection. Originally all the pipes running up to the second floor bathroom were right up against the cinderblock frame/exterior of the house with no freeze protection. Although the plumber had reconfigured things to move the pipes away from the wall, the inspector came before the insulator so "disapproved." Yesterday, the inspector showed up during the five minutes between when I left for work and before workers arrived at the house. I hadn't gotten the message that we needed to leave the door unlocked, so, once again, "disapproved." This morning, however, the contractor arrived early and Evelin was working from home, so everything was reviewed and approved for close-in.

The waiting for approval has left things moving slowly this week. There's been a little prep work and some cleanup, but nothing much got done Thursday or today. Next week, however, things look like they should start moving quickly with the sheetrock, adding railing to the deck, and, hopefully, the kitchen floor.

The original plan was to pull up the layers of linoleum and vinyl and then try to refinish or maybe paint the (presumed) pine flooring. Unfortunately, the 1930/1940s adhesives involved have made that task more costly than putting in new hardwood floors.

We're also having to change to a different sink than originally indented. The Grohe Blue system we've spec'd takes up a fair amount of room under the sink for the chilling unit, water filter, and CO2 tank. Since our kitchen is fairly tight and the sink and sink cabinet are on the smaller side, there's not much room to work with under there. Add in the disposal and the sink needs to change from one with a drain in the center to one with the drain off to one side. It looks like it's all going to fit, but it might be a little tight, and we might only have room for a 2.5-pound CO2 tank instead of a 5-pound one like I'd hoped.

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