Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 11: Getting Electric; Getting Decked

Day: 11
Schedule: On
Prognosis for Survival: Mixed

The morning started with the electrical walk through, marking out where outlets were needed and light switches, and so forth. Most of it was pretty straightforward: "You want the disposal switch on this side or that side of the sink?" Other bits, however, were more ... specialized, like the in-cabinet plugs for the printer and the bank of in-wall USB plugs for charging devices.

Most of the decisions were pretty much thought out (like the decision about wall sconces for the back wall by the deck ... which were picked out about 15 minutes before the electrician arrived), but then there was the seemingly innocent question about a light on the outside west wall by the kitchen door. Above the door, to the left of the door, to the right? After a bit of discussion, it looks like the light will be above the door ... we'll see how that works.

By the end of the day, the stairs on the deck were done and boards were laid down for the deck. Evelin also consulted with the floor guy. It's unclear whether or not the 74-year-old adhesives can be cost-effectively cleaned from the boards enough to salvage the pine floor. We're getting estimates for cleaning and painting or staining and for putting in new wood ... not sure if it'd be oak (to match the dining room) or something else ...

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