Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 28: Deck Details

Day: 28
Schedule: It's the Weekend
Prognosis for Survival: It's the Weekend

There were some questions about the deck, so here are the answers. The mesh we were looking for was a 4"-×-4" square, 16 AWG, powder-coated. It proved difficult at best to source. What we ended up with is hot-dip galvanized and a little bit bigger gauge to make sure it would hold up. The wire is stapled to the top and bottom of the frame, which is screwed together and then toenailed into the newel posts. It should be strong enough to put up with typical interactions with the kids, but most of the structural strength is coming from the handrail/top-cap.

Some detail work remains to be done to roundover and finish the edges, and a vertical framing bit will be added to the screens that are on an angle going down the stairs. We're still considering whether or not there should be the same on the wide horizontal panels. There are a few screws that were placed for the framing that still have to come out, too. In any case, it looks pretty cool from all angles.

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