Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 18: Getting Warmer

Day: 18
Schedule: Holding
Prognosis for Survival: In Denial

Yesterday (Day 17) saw some minor work, but I didn't notice any major advances. Today, however, the kitchen was (mostly) insulated. You can now stand in the demo'd kitchen and not be aware of the cast iron tub hanging over your head. We also should now pass the plumbing inspection since there's a bunch of insulation protecting the pipes from the exterior wall.

The lighting fixtures for the back porch and over the kitchen door have now arrived, although they probably won't be installed until later in the process. I'll do a lighting rundown on a future weekend.

Other issues, we still don't know where the thermostat will be relocated and the living room lights aren't working (there were three switches that could control those lights and one of them was in the dining room. We asked to have the dining room switch removed, but we have to wait until the electricians come back to get things working correctly again.

One other interesting incident: During dinner (the girls were on the porch, we were inside) a heavily laden pickup truck stopped next to the dumpster and I saw the driver get up and start looking in the dumpster. At first I thought he was looking to dump things, but he was looking for scrap metal. It was a bit odd, especially when he climbed in to start picking through things (and I'm not at all clear on liability issues or concerns), but I was glad to see bits of copper and steel being scavenged. It keeps those recyclable metals out of landfills and helps reduce the carbon footprint of the project. I was really happy to at least get some bits of the old kitchen to Community Forklift, but if metal scavengers can further reduce the trash pile, I'm happy for them to do it ... I even brought out to him the Cat5 cable that Lucy ate the end off of today ... more copper for him to help recover.

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