Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 54: Let There Be Light

Day: 54
Schedule: See Below
Prognosis for Survival: Why Not?

Under the original scheduled, today was supposed to be finishing up the punchlist and cleaning ahead of the handover of things on Monday ... but we're a few days behind. The expectation is that we'll have things finished on Wednesday (June 18).

The big things are mostly done. We have all the lights up and working. The appliances are in place. Plumbing is done. The inspector signed off on everything. The flooring has been finished (and we can't walk on it until Sunday morning).

So what's left? There's still a little bit of electrical work that needs to be finished, including installing the USB charging outlets and the undercabinet lighting, as well as power for the radio. The shelves have to be built. There's a bit more painting and trim work that needs to be done. And there are some details for the deck that aren't finished. And the issue with the stove.

It'll be a bit of a mad rush to the 18th, but next Saturday (June 21st) is the grand reveal/open house, so it'll have to happen, right?

Looking from the Dining Room
(Globes Missing from Chandelier)
Looking from the End of the Peninsula

Dark-Sky Friendly Sconces (LED) The Fixture Over the Kitchen Door (CFL)

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