Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 45: A Burst of Energy

Day: 45
Schedule: On
Prognosis for Survival: There's a light at the end of the tunnel (but it might be a train)

After yesterday's subtle advances, today was a bigger deal. Some trim work is up around the door, some appliances and fixtures have been placed, and a few things are working. The big things — fridge, stove, dishwasher — are in. There's apparently an issue with one foot on the stove that needs to be dealt with still, but things are pretty much in place. The hood is wired up and working, as is the water chilling/carbonation system. As expected it is quite tight under the sink, but there might be room enough to upgrade the CO2 tank from 2.5 lbs. to 5 lbs., which would be great. (The cost for the bigger CO2 tank and to keep it filled is just a small increase from what it costs to buy/fill one half its size.) Also in (and working) is the kitchen ceiling light. Outside, the outdoor faucet is now in place, along with the outdoor electrical outlets. And the lights in the living room are once again working. (Originally they'd been wired with a switch by the front door, the stairs, and in the dining room; when the dining room switch was removed, the lights didn't work ... until today.)

Looking from the french doors Looking from by the living room

Looking from the basement door Under the sink

UPDATE (Years Later): I finally did buy a 5 lbs. CO2 tank. It's a tight fit (especially since Grohe changed its filter system, which necessitate a different filter head and hookup, but supports a bigger filter), but it does work. I'll probably replace the two other 2.5 lbs. tanks with 5 lbs. ones eventually...

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