Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 53: Appliance Shuffle

Day: 53
Schedule: Behind
Prognosis for Survival: Resigned

We got word about the stove yesterday. During the install of the stove, it was discovered that something was broken (as I understand it) with one of the leveling feet. The repair guy came out, took one look at things, and announced that it couldn't be fixed and that we'd have to have a new stove sent. We'll find out at the beginning of next week when it might arrive.

Today we also got the old fridge out of the living room. It was taken away as part of Pepco's Appliance Recycling Program, so not only is it gone but we should be getting a $50 check at some point. So the old stove went to a resale shop, and the dishwasher and fridge are both being recycled. Once we're done with this, I guess the old microwave goes to the thrift store and the sodamaker will end up on one of the local listservs.

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  1. kids want to bring the soda stream to the pool ...