Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scope of Work


It's worth pausing a moment to outline the scope of work for this project. The biggest part is, of course, the kitchen remodel. The old kitchen is being ripped back to the studs along the walls and ceiling. Plumbing and electrical are all new. Appliances, cabinets, counters are all new. The layers of old tile are being removed and we're hoping the wood beneath them will be good enough to refinish. The chimney that vents the furnace and gas hot water heater is being exposed. The window is being made both wider and taller (although it will start lower more than reach up higher).

The kitchen is also expanding. The wall between the kitchen and dining room is being removed and replaced (partially) with a peninsula. One of the dining room windows is being replaced with french doors, which will step out on to a deck ... which is also part of the project. Other minor changes are going on in the dining room too: removing the chair rail and prepping it all for painting.

The deck will extend out from the house about 10 feet and stretch most of the back of the house. It'll tie into the stoop that projects from the kitchen door, giving us two access points. It's similar to the deck we considered adding a few years ago, but never did.

Since a tip is in the street, we're also going to finish cleaning out the broken concrete that had been used to ring trees and shrubs in the lot, as well as take out the last bit of the old broken fence ...

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