Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 6: Return to the Present

Day: 6
Schedule: A Little Behind
Prognosis for Survival: Improved

So back to the first entry. The first week has been wrapped up and pictures are posted. Since demo is mostly done, the contractor said we can use the tip for other things ... like the concrete that's scattered through the side yard. A long time ago, it seems, the neighbors to the east who owned the lot used the broken up driveway of our neighbor to the west to create rings around a few trees. Three in the back were quite extensive, but there are other scattered concrete rings around other plants throughout the yard.

Evelin got started early on Friday moving chunks of concrete from the backyard to the tip. I pitched in after picking up the kids. By Saturday afternoon, the tip is pretty full, but all the concrete is gone (barring any rings hidden in the azaleas that we didn't notice. The bit of rotting fencing that was hiding the trash can and recycling bin is also gone ...

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